Asset Management Changing the way oil & gas companies choose
to manage their energy investments.
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CWL Energy Management believes that industry is seeking alternative ways in which to manage their oil and gas investments. Focused on value creation, CWL Energy has assembled a team of ready to deploy experts with substantial officer level experience. We provide cost effective & bespoke solutions to companies in their A&D, Operations, Asset Management and Insolvency efforts.

Key Offerings

Do you ever wish you could engage one company to meet all of your Energy Management needs? Well, now you can.

Foundational Experience

All Asset Managers are
prior upstream

25+ years


All hold engineering
and advanced


Broad expertise across
all asset types

Scalable ready to

Asset Management Value Chain

CWL Energy can provide services across the full value chain of Asset Management, selectively,
comprehensively on an interim or on-going basis.


  • Parent with proven track record and an extensive history servicing Canadian clients
  • Bespoke production operations, asset management, insolvency and A&D offerings
  • Ready to deploy, experienced upstream officer level leaders with deep industry network
  • Temporary or permanent field operations management
  • Application of business intelligence analytics tools to deliver insight
  • Land and environmental service offerings via sister companies
  • Substantial leadership and functional WCSB technical expertise
  • Immediate return relative to others in the Asset Management Space

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