Integrated Data Solutions

Integrated Data Solutions (IDS)

IDS pulls data from multiple disciplines, including Land, Environmental, Archaeological, Survey and Indigenous Relations, in their native formats and creates meaningful relationships and consistencies by linking common attributes between each individual data point. Our clients own their own data. We simply standardize the data and present it visually, through an interactive portal, leveraging GIS technologies.

Available both online and through mobile access, ensuring project data is always available. We have successfully implemented Integrated Data Solutions for clients pursuing:

  • Linear infrastructure projects
  • Renewable Energy Development
  • EPCM construction management
  • Environmental Companies

Service Offering

Leveraging GIS data and processes to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients through visual representation of data, quality control, and process automation.

  • Constraints Mapping
  • Data Management
  • Optimal Route/Site Selection
  • Quality Control
  • Crossing and Proximity Analysis
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Mass Title Pulls
  • Mapping

Value Driver

Clients get an efficient, cost-saving solution with better quality data that results in improved decision making, all backed by our team of in-house GIS specialists and developers.

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