Safety Services

Safety Services

Safety can be daunting, with numerous legislations dictating health and safety in our workplace. Our goal at CWL Energy is to ensure you are compliant across the board, providing a safety net for you and your team. Our focus is on streamlined and efficient implementation to manage costs and provide the most targeted solution for your companies needs. Our in-house safety professionals have completed over 30 COR audits and implemented over 25 robust safety management systems for organizations of various sizes. On top of these we have completed countless consultations and policy implementations. Throughout these projects we focus on one goal—simplistic safety solutions for our client’s compliance requirements.


Tiered Safety Management Packages

Safety Program Development

  • OHS policies
  • Hazard identification and assessment
  • Emergency response
  • Responsibilities of work-site parties
  • Schedule and procedure for inspections
  • On-site orientation and training
  • Incident investigation
  • Procedure for worker participation

On-Going Health and Safety Consulting

  • Communicating and understanding legislative update
  • Conducting incident investigations
  • Conducting training
  • Maintain health and safety documentation
  • Performing health and safety meetings
  • Performing health and safety orientation
  • Performing workplace inspections

On-Site Field Health and Safety Services

  • Contractor management
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Management of OHS systems
  • Project Safety
  • Shut down / turnaround coverage

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

COR certification is increasingly prevalent as a benchmark for evaluating a company’s health and safety initiatives. Along with the SECOR and the MECOR, all follow a similar process of documentation review, interviewing of employees, performing observations, completing site sampling, and report writing. These are all services that we provide to our clients. Additional services include:

  • COR audit preparation, baseline audits, and GAP Analysis
  • Partnership Audit Standard Equivalency (PASE) development and auditing
  • COR Auditing – with certified personnel
  • SECOR and MECOR Audits

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