Asset Management

As an organization full of next generation leaders, we approach problems collaboratively with full utilization of technology allowing us to do more with less. Currently, CWL Energy operates in the space of providing asset management services for capital-based projects, insolvency & restructuring, A&D services, as well as environmental management services. As a result, CWL Energy streamlines these services individually, or as a whole as it applies to management of E&P assets. By leveraging our industry knowledge, we can provide a cost effective service otherwise provided by several companies.

Our qualified industry professionals in the various disciplines of Engineering, Geo Science, Land, and Accounting are continuously working with organizations to unlock value and provide strategic asset management solutions. CWL Energy’s team of professionals have expertise required to perform corporate evaluations, manage, optimize, and monetize a company’s asset base, as well as provide Environmental Liability Management (ELM) Services. In addition, CWL Energy provides support for mergers, property acquisitions and divestments, corporate restructuring, insolvencies, asset evaluations, and due diligence.

Operational Services
Geo Science
Land Services
  • Reserve evaluation and reporting
  • Fields operations
  • Economic assessments of drilling, re-completions, and development programs
  • Optimization program analysis
  • Abandonment & reclamation management
  • Pipeline integrity management
  • Procedure for worker participation
  • Geological asset review
  • Geo mapping and seismic evaluation
  • Continuation application
  • Acquisition evaluation and package preparation
  • Developed and undeveloped land evaluation
  • Freehold management and lease compliance
  • Surface coordination and acquisition
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Land owner consultation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Production revenue processing
  • Royalty review and analysis

Insolvency Receiver Support

Managing assets during the insolvency process takes a high degree of expertise to ensure assets are operating properly, in addition to maximizing returns through the sale of these assets. Providing a highly skilled management team has a direct impact on reducing G&A costs, allowing for evaluation of optimization opportunities, management of drilling, and overseeing monetization opportunities.  CWL Energy understands that too often value can be eroded by packaging the wrong assets & liabilities together. Critical to the process, CWL Energy’s Asset Management Team has over 100-years of combined experience managing assets, identifying critical value factors, and imperative packaging of assets to maximize value in the divestiture process.

Environmental Liability Management (ELM)

By understanding the key cost drivers associated with abandonment and reclamation of wells/facilities, we work with clients to develop detailed resourcing plans to help navigate regulatory and financial requirements. Additionally, in aligning CWL Energy’s service offerings, we can provide cost effective turn-key services to navigate abandonment and reclamation projects including:

  1. Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) Modeling
  2. Well Abandonment Consulting & Management
  3. Environmental Services
  4. Reclamation Services

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