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As an organization full of next generation leaders, we approach problems collaboratively with full utilization of technology allowing us to do more with less. Currently, CWL Energy operates in the space of providing Asset Management services for capital-based projects, insolvency & restructuring, A&D services, as well as environmental management services. As a result, CWL Energy streamlines these services individually, or as a whole as it applies to management of E&P assets. By leveraging our industry knowledge, we can provide a cost effective service otherwise provided by several companies.

CWL Energy Management’s qualified technical and operations professionals are continuously working with organizations to unlock value and provide strategic Asset Management solutions. Our team has the expertise required to manage operations, optimize production and enhance the monetization of a company’s asset base, as well as provide environmental & liability management services (E&LMS). CWL Energy supports their clients in achieving their Asset Management, A&D, E&LMS and Insolvency Management objectives.

Asset Management Brochure
E&P Asset Management
Acquisition and Divestiture Support
Environmental & Liability Management Services
Insolvency Support

Operational Services

E&P Asset Management

  • Field Operations and Production Management
  • Asset Exploitation and Production Optimization
  • Geoscience and Reservoir Evaluation
  • Field Operations Management
  • Well Servicing and Artificial Lift Design
  • EPCM and Construction Management
  • Asset Integrity Management
  • Surface and Mineral Land Management
  • Production and Revenue Accounting
  • HSER Administration and Compliance

Acquisition and Divestiture Support

  • Strategic Asset and Corporate A&D Assessments
  • Economic Reserve and Land Valuations
  • Exploitation Upside Assessments
  • Surface and Mineral Land due-diligence
  • Contract Review and Land Conveyancing
  • Pre-acquisition and Post-sale Business Planning
  • Field Operations Inspections and Reporting
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement Support

Environmental & Liability Management Services (E&LMS)

  • Corporate Liability Management Rating (LMR) Forecasting
  • Area and Site-Specific Public Data LLR Assessments
  • Abandonment Campaign Planning and Execution
  • Wellbore Abandonment Risk Evaluation and Ranking
  • Inactive Wellbore Reactivation and Recompletion Evaluation
  • Pipeline and Facility Discontinuation and Decommissioning
  • Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments and Remediation

Insolvency Support

  • Field Operations and Production Management
  • Asset Assessment, Analysis and Insight Summaries
  • JV, Vendor and Stakeholder Relations
  • Field Audits and Site Documentation
  • Surplus Equipment Inventory and Valuation
  • Regulatory Compliance Reviews
  • Conveyances and Stakeholder Notifications
  • VDR creation, sale process and due-diligence preparation

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