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Do you ever wish you could phone one place to solve all of your needs? Well now you can.

CWL Energy Management stems from a project management approach to provide bespoke solutions to energy development. Our goal is to ensure all elements of a project run efficiently, technical experts communicate effectively, and the various disciplines work collaboratively thereby maximizing benefit for our clients. We accomplish this through complementary services that underpin a cradle to grave Asset Management approach. We believe that there is advantage to leveraging Land, Health & Safety, Stakeholder & Regulatory, Environmental, and Data Management services, along with our technical and operational expertise, to provide a comprehensive suite of services unique to industry.

With corporate and field offices located across western Canada, CWL Energy is strategically positioned to offer multi-disciplinary, multi-industry Energy Management services to your upstream, midstream, power, renewable and infrastructure projects.

Our Mission

To deliver bespoke upstream asset management solutions by providing the right people, exceptional process, data driven insight and a commitment to deliver on clients’ needs.

Our Vision

Develop an unrivaled reputation for changing how companies choose to manage their energy investments.

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